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How to Save Money on Fuel?

We all want to save money on our fuel costs when we’re running a car on a day to day basis. A motor vehicle is an expensive piece of equipment, and as such any ways that you can reduce the cost of keeping it on the road will always be helpful. To that end, we’re looking at some of the ways that you can save money on your fuel.

Avoid The Rush Hour

One of the main ways that you can save fuel for your car is to avoid driving in the rush hour wherever possible. This is because whenever you have to stop in traffic, you need to bring the vehicle down to first gear as part of the deceleration and stopping process. This means that to start moving again, you need to use up a lot of fuel. This also applies to second gear, and in heavy traffic, you may find that those two gears are mainly what you use. Therefore, avoiding the rush hour traffic will help you with your fuel consumption.

Try And Aim For A Smooth Drive

When it comes to driving, there is an optimum way to drive which uses as little fuel as possible. This is to drive at around 50 miles per hour and to stay in one of the highest gear you can. Therefore, the longer you can stay like this, the less fuel you will end up using. It may well seem like a tempting move to overtake someone; this can rack up the fuel bill and make it higher than you would think.

Check Your Tires

When the pressure in your tires is low, it is harder for your car to move on the roads; thus it uses more fuel to stay in a state of movement. Checking your tire pressure regularly and keeping it at a high level will mean that the vehicle moves in a much easier fashion, and will be less expensive regarding fuel.

Remove Any Unnecessary Weight

Something that you can do to reduce the amount of fuel you use and thus save money is to drive with as little weight on as possible. Sometimes people keep a spare tire in their vehicle, or they have boxes or a roof rack. These are all things which are detrimental to your fuel consumption, as they increase the weight and thus the car has to use more fuel to drive.

Turn Off The Air Conditioning

The air conditioning uses more fuel than you would think, so leaving it on all year round is much worse for the fuel consumption that you would initially think. It is wise to leave it off wherever possible, as you’ll save some of your fuel and thus some money.

Slow Down

Speeding up on the motorway and other places is very tempting for the sake of taking a few minutes off your journey and getting to your destination early. No one’s massively fond of travelling in the car, it is something that we have to do, but speeding up is worse for the fuel consumption than just staying within the speed limit and driving safely.


Overall, these are just a few of the ways that you can reduce your fuel consumption and save money while driving. Having those extra pennies and pounds in fuel will make a difference, and you’ll also be driving more safely, especially if you’ve slowed down and thought about your speed. Spares And Salvage offer a variety of used cars at an excellent price, so if you’re considering trading in your vehicle for a more fuel-efficient model, you’re in luck.

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